Our Facility

Barber College Facilityd-Harris Barber College, Inc. is an institution of secondary education.  The school encompasses a total of approximately 3,400 square feet.  The practicum floor space is about 1,450 feet while the classroom floor is about 1,480 feet.  The final space contained within the building comprises the rear of the building which is used for a break room on the classroom side and the administrative office on the other.  Restrooms are located in both of the named areas, as well.  The school has two fire extinguishers placed at the entrance to the office off the practicum floor and the second one in the classroom (as directed via fire marshal).  There is a coke machine in the office area that houses bottled water.  There are three (3) exit doors; two in rear and one in front.

The building is located in the Roanoke Rapids area located in the Roanoke River basin in Halifax County.  The building is physically located in the Food Lion Shopping Center where more than 8 proprietors share a large free parking lot.  The facilities are well-lit and the school consists of 10 fully operational student stations with barber chairs.  The clients have ample seating in a large waiting room.     

Barber College ClassroomThe classroom has 3 six foot long tables for work space and 18 chairs for student class room activities.  There is one computer, chalkboard, overhead projector, one Milady’s computer program and several DVD’s for material review. 

The office houses the confidential files of the students.