Curriculum Details

Each One Should Reach OneThe State Board of North Carolina requires all students to:

  • complete 1,528 hours of course work from an approved barbering school;
  • complete a 12-month apprenticeship under the supervision of a licensed barber;
  • pass a clinical examination conducted by the State Board; and submit to the State Board the affidavit required certifying that the applicant has served the apprenticeship required by state law.

Applicants meeting these requirements shall be licensed by the State Board to become licensed barbers in the state of North Carolina.

d-HarrisBarberCollege will utilize the nationally known program from Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering course to ensure that all applicants will pass state requirements and become licensed barbers in North Carolina.


The following categories and courses shall comprise the minimum course work for all students at barber schools:

a.  Classroom Lecture and Study Periods

Hygiene and Good Grooming, Professional Ethics
Bacteriology, Sterilization, Sanitation
Implements, Honing, Stropping and Shaving
Men’s Haircutting
Cutting and Styling Curly Hair, Mustaches and Beards
Shampooing and Rinsing, Scalp and Hair Treatments
Theory of Massage and Facial Treatments
Men’s Razor Cutting, Women’s Razor and Shear Cutting
Finger Waving Men’s Hair, Air Waving and Curling Iron Techniques
Permanent Waving For Men, Chemical Hair Relaxing and Blow Drying
Hair Coloring
Men’s Hair Pieces
The Skin, Scalp and Hair
Anatomy and Physiology
Electricity Therapy, Light Therapy and Chemistry
Barber Styling, Shop Management, and Product Knowledge
Licensing Laws and Rules and History of Barbering

b.  Supervised Practice in Barbering:

Shampooing and Scientific Hair and Scalp Treatment
Tapered Hair Cutting
Hair Styling of Men and Women
Facials, Massages and Packs
Bleaching, Frosting, Hair Coloring and Body Permanents
Cutting and Fitting Hair Pieces
Hair Straightening
The Analyzing and Treatment of Hair and Skin Disorders

c.  Lectures and Demonstrations on Practical Work:

Shampooing and Scientific Hair and Scalp Treatments