This school is a life-long dream of the founders who were born and raised in Northampton County. The College is founded on the premise that ‘each one should reach one’.

The impetus for the creation of d-HarrisBarberCollege arises from years of growing up, living and working in Education in Northampton County. These counties are traditionally rural and essentially farming. As products of Northampton County schools, the owners understand the hardships associated with growing up in an area lacking in social and economic opportunity.

Therefore, the mission of d-HarrisBarberCollege is to provide another economic opportunity to individuals in Northampton and surrounding counties.

This effort will enable d-HarrisBarberCollege to produce craftsmen of the highest quality. Graduates, upon completion of the Barbering course, will possess practical skills useful within the community. Acquisition of these skills will lead to individual growth and job opportunities that result in the improvement of life for graduates and their families. d-HarrisBarberCollege seeks to be directly responsible for facilitating this effort toward improving the lives of the citizens that live here and in surrounding counties. Applicants interested in moving forward and upward with their lives should apply to d-HarrisBarberCollege (d-HBC).

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